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What is Fintech Spring Meetup?

It's Where Business Gets Done! Fintech Spring Meetup is an online meetings event that connects the payments, banking and financial services community for new opportunities, potential partnerships, networking, professional development and other meaningful collaboration. Join to:

  • Reach over 1,000 fintech industry professionals: share and hear how to work together
  • Participate in an average of 8-12 double opt-in 15-minute meetings per participant (during 24 time slots) and up to two 55-minute peer group conversations called Tabletalks
  • Get up to 8 post-event introductions for high priority matches that weren’t scheduled as meetings

Fintech Spring Meetup takes place on June 15-17, 2021 from 9:30 am-12:15 pm PT (12:30 pm-3:15 pm ET).

Who's Joining? Everybody!

1,000+ of your customers, partners, prospects, colleagues and friends will participate in Fintech Spring Meetup! We’re bringing the payments, banking and financial services community across a wide range of organizations, job functions and segments, including from:

Organization Types
    • Bank or Other Financial Institution
    • Credit Union
    • Provider of Payments, Banking or Financial Services Solutions or Technology
    • Retailer, Merchant, Marketplace, Biller or Other User of Payments, Banking or Financial Services
    • VC, PE, SPAC or Other Investor
    • Media or Sell Side Analyst
    • Government
    • Consulting, Law or Analyst Firm
    • Nonprofit
    • Higher Education
    • Employee in Transition
    • Other
Job Functions
    • Executive Leadership & Board of Directors
    • Strategy, Innovation & Transformation
    • Sales & Customer Acquisition
    • BD & Strategic Partnerships
    • Account Management
    • Product
    • Technology & IT
    • Project Management & Operations
    • Data, Analytics & Insights
    • Marketing & Communications
    • Risk Management
    • Legal, Compliance & Government
    • Finance & Accounting
    • HR & Recruiting
    • Environmental, Social & Corporate
      Governance (ESG)
    • Procurement & Vendor Management
    • Investing
    • Research & Content
    • Consulting & Advising
    • Other
Delivery Models
    • APIs
    • BaaS
      (Banking-as-a-Service) & Embedded Finance
    • Core Wrapper
    • Decentralized Finance
    • End-to-End Solution
    • Low-Code & No-Code
    • Open Source
    • SaaS
    • Software License & On Premises
    • White Label
    • Other
Use Cases
    • Business-to-Business (B2B)
    • Consumer-to-Business (C2B)
    • Other
    • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
    • Consumer-to-Government (C2G)
    • Person-to-Person (P2P)
    • Government-to-Consumer (G2C)
Verticals & Sub-Verticals
  • Payments
    • ACH
    • Acquiring & Gateways
    • Alternative & Local Methods of Payment
    • BillPay & Online Payments
    • Credit, Debit & Corporate Cards
    • FX & Cross-Border Payments/Collections
    • Gift, Loyalty & Rewards
    • Government Payments/Collections
    • Issuing
    • Networks
    • Payroll & Earned Wage Access
    • Prepaid/Stored Value Cards & Virtual Accounts
    • Real-Time & Instant Payments
    • Recurring & Subscription Payments
    • Remittances & Money Transfer
    • Treasury & Cash Management
    • Underbanked & Underserved
    • Other
    • Traditional Consumer Banking
    • Checking Accounts
    • Credit & Debit Cards
    • Savings Accounts
    • Traditional SMB Banking
    • Traditional Commercial & Wholesale Banking
    • BIN Sponsorship
    • Consumer Challenger Banks & Neobanks
    • SMB Challenger Banks & Neobanks
    • Other
  • Lending & Credit
    • Credit Cards
    • Credit Data, Monitoring & Scoring
    • General Consumer Lending
    • Lending Marketplaces
    • Mortgages
    • Online Lending
    • Payday Lending
    • Point of Sale, BNPL & Installment Lending
    • SMB Lending
    • Underwriting
    • Financing (AR, Revenue, Supply Chain, etc.)
    • SBA & Government
    • Other
    Personal Finance & Investing
    • Bill Tracking & Management
    • Budgeting & Personal Financial Management
    • Credit Score Management
    • Credit & Debit Cards
    • Investment Platforms (including Robo)
    • Investment Tracking & Portfolio Management
    • Retail Investing
    • Savings
    • Other
  • Finance & Accounting
    • AR/AP Automation & E-Invoicing
    • Automating Financial Operations
    • ERP & ERP integration
    • Expense Management
    • Financial Planning & Budgeting
    • Purchasing & Procurement Cards
    • Other
    • B2B Ecommerce
    • B2C Ecommerce
    • Marketplaces
    • Infrastructure
    • Stores & Omnichannel
    • Supply Chain & Logistics
    • Other
Horizontal Products, Solutions & Services
    • Account Opening & Onboarding
    • AML & KYC
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine
      Learning (ML)
    • Authentication & Biometrics
    • Banking Automation, Digitization &
    • Blockchain
    • Bots & Virtual Assistants
    • CBDC & Stablecoins
    • Checkout
    • Cloud & Hosting
    • Compliance
    • Connectivity & Messaging
    • Consulting
    • Core Banking Systems & Payments Platforms
    • Credit Scoring & Analytics
    • Cryptocurrencies, Digital Assets & Exchanges
    • Customer Service
    • Cybersecurity
    • Data Aggregation, Analytics & Monetization
    • Dispute Management
    • Financial Literacy & Advocacy
    • Fraud
    • Hardware
    • Identity & Credentials
    • IoT
    • Marketing Services
    • Mobile Banking
    • Mobile Wallets
    • Open Banking
    • Payment Facilitation
    • Personalization
    • Point of Sale (POS)
    • Privacy
    • Processing
    • RegTech
    • Risk Management
    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    • Security & PCI
    • Systems Development & Integration
    • Other

Why is everyone joining?

They're joining to do what every community does to move forward--work together, collaborate, network and learn from each other.

Fintech Meetup's events will facilitate all of the networking and interactions that typically takes place at traditional events, so that you can:

  • Connect with new and familiar faces including clients, vendors, partners and friends
  • Meet potential customers and partners, including retailers
    and other merchants
  • Buy, sell and discover
    products and solutions
  • Uncover the newest and
    hottest startups
  • Fund startups or
    raise capital
  • Provide or get offers
    and promotions
  • Reach out to potential
    acquirers or acquisition targets
  • Launch products, make announcements and share news
  • Participate in media and
    analyst interviews
  • Ask experts pressing questions and learn about cutting edge corporate initiatives
  • Recruit and hire
    or find a job
  • Find a mentor or be
    a mentor
  • Leverage resources for professional and personal development
  • Discuss timely topics with
    groups of peers

Fintech Spring Meetup focuses on facilitating meaningful and impactful interactions among participants through double opt-in meetings and curated peer group discussions.

Join us to get inspired, gain new insights, set new standards, connect with the people you know, and meet the people you don't over 3 half-days.

How it works:

Select Participants to Send Meeting Requests & Select Peer Group Discussions

It's Time to Meetup! Engage in Video-Conference Meetings & Tabletalks

How Shoptalk Meetup works

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How Shoptalk Meetup works

Select Participants to Send Meeting Requests & Select Peer Group Discussions

How Shoptalk Meetup works

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How Shoptalk Meetup works

It's Time to Meetup! Engage in Video-Conference Meetings & Tabletalks

How Shoptalk Meetup works

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Tickets are transferable to a colleague at any time before Friday, May 28 at 5:00 pm PT, but not refundable and cannot be applied to future events. We reserve the right to reject any registration, and will let you know if we cannot accommodate you. Ticket Terms & Conditions are here.

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    With our Hosted Merchants Program, we provide complimentary tickets to qualifying individuals from retailers and other merchants that take up to four (4) 15-minute double opt-in meetings with certain other participants. Click here for Terms & Conditions.

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  • BANKS (<$50B ASSETS)
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    Our Hosted Program provides complimentary tickets to qualifying individuals from banks with <$50B assets and credit unions, as well as retailers and other merchants, who take up to four (4) 15-minute double opt-in meetings with other participants. Click here for Terms & Conditions.

  • BANKS (<$50B ASSETS)
    Register Now for $495

    and Save 38% off the
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    Editorial media and sell side analysts can apply for free tickets. Subject to approval


    Employees in transition can apply for free tickets. Subject to approval


    Startups may be eligible for discounted tickets


    501(c)(3) nonprofit and government employees can apply for discounted tickets. Subject to approval. Trade associations do not qualify.


    Full time college students
    can apply for
    discounted rates


    Full time college professors
    can apply for
    discounted rates

* Retailers & Other Merchants tickets are subject to the review and approval of Fintech Meetup. At a minimum you must be a direct employee of a non-payments or financial services company that is primarily in the direct-to-consumer business of online or physical retail of consumer goods and services, including traditional retailers, online marketplaces, hotels and restaurants. Credit card, prepaid card, gift card, check cashing and remittance companies do not qualify.

** To qualify for this rate, you must be a direct, full time employee of a venture capital, private equity or other investment fund in private or public securities or debt. Subject to review and approval.